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01. My Valerie
02. Face on the Wall (Radio Version)
03. Cinderella's Heart (Edit Dancefloor Mix)
04. Cheri Cheri Lady (Radio version)
05. Tango In The Night
06. Stay (Cover Version By C.C. Catch)
07. Give A Little Sweet Love (New Version)
08. Pulse of Time (Radio Version)
09. Lover Why (Club Mix)
10. Could This Be Love
11. Your Love Is My Love
12. Vienna By Night
13. On A Sunday (Extended Mix)
14. Love Is Stronger (Trance Remix)
15. Little Lady Love Me
16. Mark Ashley Megamix (Radio Version)
17. It's Christmas Time (New Version)
18. Blue Horizon
19. Give Me A Call
20. One, Two, Three, Four (Feat. Rakel)
21. Please Believe Me (Radio Version)
22. The Fans Of Modern Talking (New Version)
23. Play The Music
24. High In The Sky
25. Dream Of Great Emotion (Dance Remix)
26. Words (Cover Version By F.R. David)
27. Noche De Fiesta (Feat. J. Martinez)
28. I've Never Been So Lonely (New Version)
29. Do You Remember
30. Give Me A Chance
31. Mareen (Radio Version)
32. Wenn Ich Dich Wiederseh
33. Brother Louie
34. Jeden Tag
35. Cinderella's Heart
36. When I See The Angels Cry (Clubmix)
37. Touch By Touch 2013
38. Say You'll Be Mine
39. Greatest Love
40. Luckystar (Another Vision Mix)
41. Lonely Nights In Avalon
42. Mark Ashley Megamix
43. Cheek To Cheek (80's Classic Brazilian Version)
44. I Can't Life Without You (Weatherstorm's Sunlight Remix)
45. Tragedy of Love (Radio Version)
46. You And Me (The Power Of Love)
47. You Are Not Alone
48. Save Me (Don't Break Me)
49. Forever Blue
50. Back To The Summer '97
51. Wheel Of Fortune
52. Love Is Like The Sea
53. A Night of Desire (Radio Version)
54. It's All Over
55. Sarah
56. King Of Roses
57. Dream Of Great Emotion (Instrumental Music)
58. Breath of an Angel (Karaoke Version)
59. You're My One Love (Radio Version)
60. Hot Like Fire (Karaoke Version)
61. Spanish Guitar
62. Baby Blue
63. Magical Moon
64. Jenny Come Home (Karaoke Version)
65. Run For Cover
66. Undying
67. Life!
68. Vienna By Night (New Version)
69. To The Moon And Back (New Version)

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