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01. Night and day
02. I've got you under my skin
03. Nice work if you can get it
04. All of me
05. Just one of those things
06. Stormy weather
07. You make me feel so young
08. Old devil moon
09. Get happy
10. Autumn in New York
11. Come dance with me
12. My funny Valentine
13. I could have danced all night
14. A foggy day
15. Cheek to cheek
16. Around the world
17. This love is mine
18. Too close for comfort
19. Saturday night

01. Come fly with me
02. I get a kick out of you
03. Autumn leaves
04. Jeepers Creepers
05. Moonlight in Vermont
06. I got plenty o' nuttin'
07. April in Paris
08. Something's gotta give
09. Laura
10. They can't take that away from me
11. Someone to watch over me
12. Anything goes
13. One for my baby
14. What is this thing called love
15. I'm gonna live till I die
16. In the wee small hours of the morning
17. Dancing in the dark
18. Mood indigo
19. Stars fell on Alabama

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